Located in Guizhou, China, Pingtang Town is based on the ‘FAST’ base, the world’s largest and most powerful radio telescope. The ‘Tianmu Commercial Street’ installed in this town is a ceiling-type transparent LED screen with a total length of 450 meters. By utilizing the characteristics of this facility as much as possible, we produced various stories by referring to the background of the birth of ‘FAST’, the goal, and the story of this area.

Launch  2017      Client  Leafun

Ceiling Transparent LED

During the day, the transparency of the transparent screen allows visitors to see blue skies and white clouds beyond images. And at night, the magic journey begins. On a wonderful sky, sometimes the deep, wide view of the universe shines, and sometimes the colorful fish come and go on the seabed, flowers bloom and birds sing together… Like watching a science fiction blockbuster movie through a time tunnel, changes in time and space, coexistence with imagination and reality, light and shadow are mixed and surrounded by vocal music.

Motion Graphic

Tianmu Street has four modes: Among them, we produced a total of 6 videos in charge of art mode. In this task, considering the characteristics of the transparent LED screen, the goal is to allow users to experience the surreal world of the concept of “Outside the window” through a ceiling-shaped screen.

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