KIAF emart X SSG.COM Media Art

Sep. 2021

Exhibition, Media Art, Motion Graphic


KIAF ART SEOUL attracts more than 60,000 domestic and foreign visitors and overseas collectors every year, and is the largest art fair in Korea where Seoul has established itself as a hub of Asian contemporary art. mmpx and NeuronFractal made a digital media art at KIAF ART SEOUL 2021, which opened in October 2021. emart and SSG.COM, which participated as main sponsors in Korea's largest art fair, visualized their brands through media art.

emart and SSG.COM are retailers focused on logistics and merchandise. As non-face-to-face consumption increases rapidly since the pandemic broke out, emart and SSG.COM are trying to take the title of 'No. 1 fresh food'. As one of those efforts, a media art was developed under the theme of 'fresh food' in this project.



Vegetables are fresh. Fruits are fresh. The keyword 'fresh' is a must-keep promise to customers made by emart and SSG.COM. Together with the will to keep promises, it clearly communicates the brands’ actions the most of all. In order to give a visual 'freshness' as well as the 'freshness' of food material, we worked in a new space so that visitors can feel the freshness of the new visual and even the freshness itself.

01 Material Art


We tried to put the efforts and pride of emart and SSG.COM for fresh food into the work. It delivers the freshness of a new visual in a new space. The 6 scene transitions that change as the lights turn on after the blackout show production areas in the vibrant reality and NE.O in the spectacular future. The objects swimming in the scenes represent six fresh food categories (i.e. dairy products, meat, grains, vegetables, fruits, and fisheries), and they are symbolically expressed through material textures.

Visual Keywords : Deconstructivism / Reinterpretation / Organic

02 Data Visualization

Data Wind

DATA WIND is inspired by the movement of wind. Through this work, we wanted to tell a story of the energy of e-mart's fresh food, that is, how much love it received from customers in 2020. We expressed the fresh foods of rice, vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood through 5 colors. As the number of fresh food purchases by customers using e-mart varies, the number of water droplets in the waves increases and decreases, creating a soft wave shape. The dynamic energy of each water droplet accumulates to form a huge wave, and the 5 colors mix with each other and change 12 times per month to create colorful shapes.

Visual Keywords : Particle / Wind / emart Color

02 Data Visualization

Data Fall

DATA FALL is inspired by the movement of water stream. The shape of waterfall means the number of orders for delivery that occurred on SSG.COM during 24 hours a day. Through this work, we wanted to tell the story of SSG Delivery, which is leading the industry. The colorful colors blended throughout the work symbolize the brand identity of SSG.COM. At the same time, they are metaphors for the 11 categories that make up fresh food. Water pours down as much as the orders get received, and it gradually begins to fill the space which makes people feel cool just by looking at it. A total of 8 waterfalls, once every 3 hours, accumulate, and when it reaches 24 hours, it is shaken by a great force and quickly sucked out of the central ceiling gate as if freshly prepared food leaves for delivery.

Visual Keywords : Particle / Waterfall / SSG Color

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